Askew #98


My current series of Askew paintings are a reaction to the contradictions in life and the way in which circumstances can change for better or worse in an instant. Walls signify solidity and corners, the possibilities ahead, whether good or bad. Full of deliberate contradictions: solidly colored shapes vs textured; hard edges vs ragged; wacky color combinations; bright colors against muted; and angles in which I contrast accurate perspective with inaccurate, all relating to the uncertainties in life and the problem solving that comes with moving forward. The paintings balance on the edge between happiness and uncertainty

In addition to the Askew paintings, seen here are three previous series:

Painting Water—  Inspired by the ways in which water constantly shifts and changes—my goal is to capture the impossible—the ephemeral beauty of water in all its’ moods

Nooks & Crannies—representational paintings of architectural details from places I love in the Southwest

Bloom—fanciful botanical paintings in memory of a childhood of being surrounded by the safety of my mother’s wonderful gardens