A visit to California to visit my father was followed by Mathew’s spring break from college. He was home for a week and a half, during which we made multiple trips to Phoenix.

Lots of time was spent in front of the TV watching Monk, as Mathew succumbed and then recovered from a bona fide case of the flu.

After he left, guess what! I got the flu, which ended up being pretty debilitating for 3 weeks. Now I’m back on track, functioning at last!

The image above is one I did a number of years ago, called ‘Till Death Do Us Part. The left side is a painted portrait of my Mom and Dad. On the right side are photo transfers of them taken from old snapshots. My mother passed away in 2002.

As my father approaches the end stages of Alzheimers disease, he and my Mom are much on my mind.

The painting you see is part of an ongoing series of personal work. This is work I do to express my own experiences, separate from the landscape and people in the landscape work.