Well, here I am, happy in my new (close to completed) studio. A storage rack for my paintings still needs to be built. Baseboard needs to be painted. I’ve decided to repaint the north wall a whiter white. The front door needs to be cased in and sealed.

The biggest challenge is going to be getting rid of the pack rat that is currently residing in a wall. He (or she) comes out and tromps around in the ceiling above the toilet. We know it’s not a mouse because the droppings are rather large. Yuck. I’ll be heading to our local hardware store to pick up some sort of humane trap. The question is what does one do with a captured pack rat?
This is what really freaks me out. I don’t particularly want to have to actually see this fellow.

I’ve moved in a couple easels and a few tables. Now I need to watch the light to figure out where to locate my painting area.

I’m amazed at how quickly it’s coming together!