Poor Breena is depressed. We all awoke to unexpected snow, in Southern Arizona, in practically mid-March. Desert dog that she is, the snow baffles and distresses her. Until it’s gone, she refuses to go outside.

It was a winter wonderland here until about noon. By then, the snow was pretty much all melted off.

Not sure my little cacti appreciated the snow, either. Now they’re basking in the sun.

Breena loves my studio. I think she’s especially happy with my new lighting. In the ceiling you see 3 sets of lights. Before this week, I only had one light, which I supplemented with big halogen shop lights. I was constantly battling with glare, shadows, and only a few hours a day of really good light. Plus the halogen lights are expensive to run and I was constantly needing to change the bulbs.

In addition to the 2 additional lights, I used natural light florescent tubes instead of the regular indoor lights.

Now I have wonderful, even lighting. No glare. No shadows. No difference when the outside light shifts or when it’s cloudy out. I could work all day and all night!