I’m sure this thing has a proper name. I’m calling it the Gizmo. It’s Jim’s. He’s loaning it to me and was kind enough to set it up. My camera slides on top of it and is pointed directly at a new painting. It’s secured with bolts etc. Jim set up a little mirror behind it, so I can see the image in the view finder. In order to take a photograph, all I have to do is slide the camera into a slot, and click the button.

The idea is to take multiple photographs as I work on this painting, and then put together a slide show. Now I just need to remember to stop once in a while to push the button. The painting is part of the Nooks & Crannies series. I had the urge to work larger than I have been recently. So this is a 48″ x 60″ canvas. Not huge, but not small, either. What you see is the result of 2 days of work. It takes a long time just to get the canvas covered at this size.