One year ago today, we got the keys to our new home. Above is what my studio looked like before it was remodeled.

And here it is today. Admittedly pretty messy at the moment, but definitely a fabulous and functioning studio space.

Last year, the annual Oracle Artist Studio Tour happened to be scheduled the weekend before we got the keys to our home. We took the opportunity to visit all of the open studios over the course of Saturday and Sunday. It was great fun, a perfect opportunity to meet many of the artists living and working in Oracle, and a way to get a peek into some amazing homes and studios.

This year, Jim and I will be participating in the 18th Oracle Artist Studio Tour on April 17 and 18, coming up in just two weeks. There will be 6o+ artists showing their work in 23 spaces. A welcome center will have maps available and a sampling of the artwork on the tour. Just follow the signs when you get to Oracle. And be sure to visit us, we’re #17 on the tour.
If you click on the link above you’ll see the map and listing of the artists. Come for a visit!