It’s hard to believe we’ve been home for nearly two weeks. Jim’s been deep into going through his 2000+ photographs, and catching up on business. Plus dealing with various home cooler and toilet maintenance crises. Me…well I’m not sure what I’ve been up to. Lots of laundry at first, and then trying to sort myself out and figure out what to do next after the big road trip. I had anticipated teaching a community college art class this summer, but the enrollment was too low. It’s been wonderful being back in my studio, painting. I’ve completed one painting and have gotten 9 small panels ready to start on. I’m excited about some snapshots I took of various oddities I noticed on the trip and am looking forward to turning them into paintings. Guess I have been up to something after all.

Glad to be back, but missing the road, too. One thing that helps is following the delightful blogs of a few other intrepid traveling couples. One is Twelve Legs Travel, written and photographed by a newly married couple on a 12 month traveling honeymoon. I especially like their most recent post on the first fight of their trip. We haven’t met them, but would sure like to at some point. Another fun blog to follow is Adventures of the Wandering Book Artists by Peter and Donna Thomas. They’re on a year long trip in their fabulous hand crafted Gypsy Wagon, stopping at various universities and libraries across the country to give workshops on book making. I was lucky enough to take a one day workshop by Peter in Tucson (this workshop is mentioned in their blog post of April 28, a must read since I’m mentioned in it!!)