Yesterday I drove to Phoenix to meet with Patricia Sahertian, artist and friend, who also happens to do web design work. I’d been thinking for some time about creating a cohesive look for my blog and website galleries. The idea of having it all in one place, easily accessible and all my own really appealed to me. A month or so ago, Pat and I started working together to come up with a design. As it turns out, the whole thing is way more complicated that I had imagined even though I should know, having seen Jim at work on our newly designed US Route 89 blog.

Pat’s patience with me is amazing. She really deserves a medal. We worked real hard all day and made lots of progress. There’s still some stuff for her to fix (coding, a total mystery to me) and lots for me to rewrite, plus images for me to upload into my galleries. The whole process has been hard to me to grasp, but now I’m able to envision the end product, and I’m excited.

The two hour drive home was spectacular. The desert was gleaming, the air was crystal clear, and there was a beautiful sunset. A nice reward for a long day.