“Ode to Olin” has been completed. You can see the work in progress if you scroll back a few blog posts. I had great fun on this one, doing a lot of building up and then sanding down of surfaces.

"Ode to Olin", Kenyon Library

A series of layers of paint, added and then partially sanded off, give the textured feeling of the walls. In contrast, the stairs are painted to appear smooth and shiny. Acrylic on panel, 24" x 24"

There are three more panels gessoed and ready to go. I’m trying to decide whether to jump into a continuation of the library series right now or to use the panels for water reflection imagery. Must ponder this one. I’d like to do both at once, but I think I have a better flow if I stick to one type of painting at a time. That was a lesson learned from working on “Ode to Olin” at the same time as several water reflection paintings. There was a little twitch in my right brain every time I switched from one painting to the other, with a short period of adjustment going from the looser water paintings to the more controlled “Ode to Olin”.