Being a professional photographer in this day and age isn’t the way it was when Jim started out many years ago. Once upon a time, a talented photographer could work hard and make a good living. Photographers were in demand, and while there has always been stiff competition, at one time there was also a steady flow of job opportunities. New technology including computers and digital cameras rapidly changed the world of the photographer. It takes a creative person to find a niche in which there is still a demand for photography. Just think of all the magazines and newspapers that have gone out of business. As staff sizes are reduced and budgets cut, more and more companies either forgo their publications (brochures, etc.) cut back by eliminating photographs or make do by sending an employee out with a digital camera to take a snapshot. Outdoor Photographer article by James CowlinWell, lucky for me, Jim is an inventive and creative guy. Years ago, he began to transform his commercial business into mostly shooting landscape photography. Along with this change, the US Route 89 project was born. For 10 years, Jim has been traveling and photographing this road, and is beginning to get the recognition he deserves for this project. It was very exciting to receive the October issue of Outdoor Photographer a few days ago, with Jim’s article A Photo Highway inside. After you’ve taken a look at the article, you might want to browse around in the  US Route 89 website. I think you’ll find it remarkable. And of course, all of the beautiful photography is by Jim. As an aside, if you go to the US Route 89 store, you’ll see my small reflection paintings for sale. A quick click on the PayPal button and the reflection painting of your choice is yours! Of course, photographs are also available for purchase, too!