I’m not talking about actual cookies here. I’m talking about the kind of cookies woodworkers use to hold stuff up off a surface. I have a set of 4 cookies, complete with little caps. It’s amazing what a difference the right kind of equipment can make, no matter how small.

It used to be when I needed to get a painting up off the surface of the table I prop it up on 4 yogurt containers. This happens when I’m finishing off the edges of the painting or pouring a glaze. Until I got the cookies, I didn’t realize what a struggle I was having using the yogurt containers. No offense to yogurt container manufacturers, but they just don’t do the trick. They slide around and invariably at a crucial moment one will slide out from under the painting, causing at the least, irritation and at worst a big mess as the painting tips over. I usually end up hanging onto the painting with one hand, trying to keep it steady as I work.

The cookies are solid with a wonderful non-skid top and bottom. Even better, one can purchase little pointed caps that snap onto the top, raising the object to be held up onto points, thus offering a minimum of contact with the surface. Once the painting is situated on the cookies, it’s solid. No slipping. No muss, no fuss. A small triumph in an effective tool.

Bench cookie

The basic bench oookie, with non-skid top and bottom


Bench cookie with top

Here is the bench cookie with the top snapped on. It comes to a point, so the object (painting) is resting on the tip.


Bench cookie holding the painting up off the table

The bench cookies, positioned at each corner, are holding the painting securely up off the table, allowing me to tape and paint the edges with both hands free.


Voila! I’d like to get a few more sets to have around. By the way, you can find out more about the cookies at www.rockler.com. And no, they’re not paying me for this glowing review.