I’ve been focused on water reflection paintings for the last 6 months or maybe more and my neglected Olin Library staircase series has been calling to me. So this week, I treated myself to a change of pace and started two new 24″ x 24″ paintings. Right now I’m blocking out the larger areas and applying lots of wild colors with my palette knives. Pretty soon, I’ll get out my trusty electric sander and remove some of the paint. This is great fun because whatever is left after attacking the panel is a surprise. From that, I’ll start applying more layers of paint. I love the unintended accidents and the problem solving that comes with figuring what to do to keep the happy accidents and still end up with a cohesive painting. Here are the two newborns.

Olin Library at Kenyon College, staircase, looking down

A slightly dizzying view looking down the beautiful staircase at the Olin Library

What’s there on the panel is probably totally incomprehensible to anyone but me. I, however, am excited about starting to work back into this. Of course, the hope is that eventually what’s there will be accessible to the viewer.


Staircase in Olin Library at Kenyon College, looking up

Believe it or not, this is going to be a view of the staircase, looking up.

Again, not at all what the completed painting will look like.


"Ode to Olin", Kenyon Library

"Ode to Olin"

Above is the first painting in the series. It started out just like the two above. Stay posted for what happens next on Olin #2 and #3!