I do like to mix it up in the studio. I find that switching from one series to another helps to maintain the freshness and excitement I feel with each and every painting. I also enjoy changing formats, using square panels then switching to rectangles, vertical to horizontal and large to small. Each change means rethinking my approach. In addition to the two new Olin Library paintings, one square, one rectangular (see last post for photo of these), I got the urge to do a group of very small paintings. So I ordered 6–6″ x 6″ panels from Dick Blick, my favorite catalog company. My idea was to just have fun experimenting with color and texture. When I’m working and get stuck on one of the larger works, I turn around and play around with the little guys. Here’s what I have so far. I have no

6" by 6" tiny paintings, just starting

Here's the group of 6" x 6" paintings, just starting to play with ideas

idea where I’m going with these. I’m going to try to remember to keep up with photographing them as I progress.