The two Olin Library paintings are in what I call the second stage of painting. All the fun willy nilly applying paint in all kinds of colors to the panels that happens at the beginning was completed. Stage 2 is the point at which what’s on the panels needs to move toward making sense to people who might look at it. Moving things around, changing angles, adjusting colors and textures all takes lots of time as well as a certain amount of nerve. I liked what I had and hate to have to take the chance of wrecking that. On the other hand the paintings are clearly not finished. It’s a matter of forging ahead despite the resistance in my head.

So here’s the staircase, looking down.

Olin Library staircase, looking down, stage 2

If you check back a blog post or two, you'll see the difference from the beginning of the painting.


And here’s the staircase looking up.

Olin Library staircase looking up stage 2

Looking up has changed, too


Stay posted for new developments in the saga of the Olin Library staircase series.