Last Friday the Art Oracle exhibition opened at the Casa Grande Art Museum in Casa Grande, which is about an hour south of Phoenix, two hours from Tucson  and about an hour and fifteen minutes from Oracle. The group of artists are: Carol Mahoney, Pat Dolan, Ned Creighton, Sharon Brady, Diana Creighton, James Cowlin, Judith Walsh and me, me, me.

We were all pleased with the attendance at the opening. Lots of people made the trek from Phoenix, Oracle and Tucson, plus a number of locals came by. It was fun talking to the visitors. My friend Sue Ochs and her husband Steven surprised me, as did friends Susan and Gary Crane. Made me feel a bit like a star!

Lots of people admiring the artwork and making friends, Casa Grande Art Museum

Lots of people admiring the artwork and making friends

Several of the artists are visible in this shot. Starting from the far left are Ned Creighton, Judith Walsh, me and Diana Creighton. You can catch a glimpse of Ned’s whimsical sculptures and on the far right, one of Judy’s encaustic paintings.


Art Oracle Opening, Casa Grande

Diana and I looking at her paintings

Diana filled one of the rooms with her amazing paintings. They are whimsical, funny and slightly sinister all at the same time.


Art Oracle Opening, Casa Grande Art Museum

Jim, Mathew and me in front of one of my paintings

Jim was so busy he didn’t have time to take photographs of each artist with their work. All the more reason for people to make the trip to Casa Grande while the show is up.

The exhibit continues through April 7. The days of the week that the Museum is open is incorrect on the postcard, so if you received one, or if you look back a few blog posts at the photo of the post card, please note that that the actual open days are Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm.