One of the appealing parts about being in Oracle is living right down the street from Rancho Linda Vista. Rancho Linda Vista is an art community which was established in 1968 by Andrew Rush and several other art professors from the University of Arizona. It still functions today, with a number of artists living and working on the property, a gallery, an artist residency program and much more. I’m guessing that this was the nucleus that attracted other artists to the area and helped to make Oracle the kind of place it is today.

A couple of weeks ago, the gallery at RLV opened an exhibit of a series of recent watercolors by Andy Rush. It was a beautiful Sunday, unseasonably warm, and perfect for an outing, if you can call going a half mile down the street an outing! The artwork was wonderful. The gallery and courtyard outside were crowded with visitors. Delicious food was served by Andy’s grown daughter, Maggie, with her children helping to serve the refreshments. Rancho Linda Vista has become a multi-generational community.

Andrew Rush, art opening at Rancho Linda Vista Gallery, Oracle Arizona

Visitors admiring an artist-made book by Andy Rush, with several of his watercolors in the background

Andy Rush also founded The Drawing Studio in Tucson in 1992. This is a vibrant place for people to practice art in classes, attend open drawing sessions, go to workshops and seminars and so much more. The Nature of Drawing   A Conversation about Art and Community , written by Andrew Rush, has just been published.

Andy Rush at Rancho Linda Vista, Oracle, Arizona

Andy Rush, signing his book for me

I couldn’t resist the chance to buy his book at the opening and have been enjoying reading it since then. It’s proving to be a book full of wisdom. Beautifully designed by Imo Baird, it is full of Andy’s drawings. This one will definitely find a prominent place on my studio bookshelves.