These are probably the last snapshots I’ll take of the two Olin-Chalmers Library paintings I’ve been working on. The reason–I’m on the last stretch on both of the paintings. I’m hoping to create the finishing touches this afternoon. Of course, you never know. I thought I was close on one of the paintings earlier this week, got annoyed at one area and sanded it off! It was a struggle to redo that part, scary because I was afraid I might have ruined the painting. Taking this kind of risk is part of the process for me.

Looking down the staircase at the Olin Chalmers Library at Kenyon College

Looking down (this isn't the official title)

The stairway was what was attacked, sanded and repainted this week.


Looking up the staircase, Olin Chalmers Library, Kenyon College

Looking up the staircase, Olin-Chalmers Library, Kenyon College

Once I’m completely done with the paintings, professional photographs will be taken by Jim. And I don’t even have to take them anywhere to get them photographed!