Fall is in the air. At least I can feel it, despite the heat outside. The light is beginning to change. Next weekend is Labor Day and we’re heading up to Flagstaff for the Coconino County Fair, a few nights of camping and enjoying the time with our family. The Coconino County Fair is a long standing family tradition, dating back from when Jeremiah was a baby and it’ll be fun to revisit now that we’re all grown-ups!

Next week is the start of the next round of workshops my friend and business partner Val Bembenek and I have to offer in my studio here in Oracle. This also tells me that Fall is coming since this will be the third Fall we’ve been using my studio for workshops. We’re excited about our offerings. The classes will run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until the beginning of December and then resume in early February. It’s great fun to teach these classes. It’s wonderful to be able to share my studio space with others. And Val and I feel good about being able to pass on our knowledge of and enthusiasm for arts and crafts to our students.

We’ve put together the schedule of workshops through October and will begin advertising for the November/December offerings in a few weeks. Here’s a quick look at what we’re offering:

September 4 & 5: Pencil Drawing

September 11: Decorative Paste Papers

September 12: Make Your Own Stencils

September 18 & 19: Charcoal Drawing

September 23: Folded-Paper Origami Boxes

October 2 & 3: Ink Drawing

October 9: Transfer Magic

October 10: Stamps & Patterns

October 23: Hand-crafted Cards

For more details, you can click below to see our flyer.

Fall 2012 Workshop Flyer

And for even more information, check out the workshop page on my website. We’ve added a PayPal option for those who prefer to click that little button rather than writing out a check and sticking it in the mail. Either way works for us!

Oracle is a two hour drive from Phoenix, making it a nice day trip. There are a number of Bed and Breakfasts for lodging in the area, for those who are taking two day workshops. It’s an hour from downtown Tucson.