I feel like I’ve remained remarkably calm about the solo show I have opening at the Rancho Linda Vista Gallery in Oracle on Sunday from 2-5 pm. I’ve motored along with working on paintings I want to have completed for the show (one to go). I’ve sent out postcards, distributed them everywhere I can think of, blogged about the opening, and done everything else I can think of to promote the show.

Calm until today. Today it dawned on me that I only have 3 more days to work until I hang the show on Saturday. I have one painting far from done that I really want to finish for the show. Paintings need to be wired to get ready to hang them. Actually Jim will do this for me. The painting I’m trying to finish needs to get done in time for Jim to photograph it.

What about food and drink for the opening? Haven’t even thought about that. Well, now I have. Tablecloth? A table? Paper plates, napkins, etc.???

Have I even thought about which paintings to include in the show? Well, no. My strategy here is to bring every reflection painting I have over to the gallery, and then decide. Thankfully the gallery is about 2 minutes away from my studio.

Once I have the show laid out, everything needs to be hung. Lighting will need to be adjusted. I need to make a list of the paintings in the order they are hung, then type up an official list with all the necessary information on each painting–title, date, medium, PRICE. I need to write up an artist statement and mount it or mat it to hang in the gallery.

Need to design, write and print brochures for my workshops to have in a stack at the opening.

Plants are dying outside because they need to be watered. The house is a mess.

Well, yes, I guess I am hysterical. And when I get this way, it’s best to just stay out of my way. As my family knows full well. Apologies in advance.

So my solution: get over to my wonderful wall easel and get painting.

Here’s the invitation to the show:

Rancho LInda Vista Gallery opening postcardRancho Linda Vista Exhibition information


Cross your fingers that it doesn’t snow. Hope to see you there!