It’s been a whirlwind of activity around here for the last several months–between the solo show at the Rancho Linda Vista Gallery, the Oracle Artist Studio Tour, a 3-day guided tour on US Route 89 (Jim was in charge, but I went along as a helper), teaching workshops and more, I’m finally coming up for breath.

The Studio Tour was a big success with lots of people coming to visit. The bad part is that I completely forgot to take any photos AT ALL during the tour. Not of the lovely job we did of displaying artwork, not of the many people visiting. The only photos I took were of the mess of stuff I literally dumped from my studio into the garage in a cleaning frenzy. Which I’m not showing.

One of the great things about getting the art work out on view is that when things sell, I get to make new work to replace the old! Besides catching up on lots of business related stuff, painting is what I’ve been doing.

I’ve finally been back in the studio painting for long enough periods of time to actually accomplish something. It’s heavenly.

Here’s a peek at what I’m up to:

4 small reflection paintings in progress

I’m not sure if these are going to be four separate paintings or if I’m going to join them together to make one long painting. Or I could arrange them into a big square painting. Stay posted on this.


A panoramic format water reflection painting

I’m in the early stages on this one–it’s 23″ x 51″.