I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve done a blog post. Yes, I’ve been busy. But that busy? I guess so since I feel like I haven’t taken a deep breath in a long time.

The painting commission I’ve been working on for months was completed the week before last. Here is a photograph of it.

Water Symphony, acrylic painting commission completed

Water Symphony, acrylic painting, 36″ x 60″


Alas, the process continues after a painting is finished. Since this painting is a commission, I don’t need to post it onto Saatchi Gallery, where I have some of my work for sale. I do need to get it into my filing system where I keep track of all my work–size, photograph, media, description and price. And I guess I could put it on my own website gallery, with a SOLD on it. But essentially the marketing part isn’t necessary with this one.

What I did need to do was investigate a variety of packing/crating companies in Phoenix and Tucson to get bids. I finally settled on Pak Mail in Tucson. Mark Yardy, at Pak Mail, was nice enough to take a few snapshots of the painting while he was getting it packed. I was in New Orleans, so I wasn’t able to be there. Husband Jim oversaw the process in my stead. Why was I in New Orleans? I’ll post this information soon.

A photo of the painting being fitted into the crate

A snapshot by Mark Yardy of his handiwork in crating Water Symphony.


And in the crate.


It was picked up this week and is currently in transit somewhere between here and Houston. I’m on edge waiting until it is delivered safely and in perfect condition at its’ destination. Keep your fingers crossed with me.