The Oracle Artist Open Studio Tour happened several weekends ago on April 12 & 13. This was our fifth year of participation in the tour.

We had perfect weather and crowds of people. I had many interesting conversations—we get lots of winter visitors who have fascinating backgrounds. People were in great spirits and were very complimentary about both Jim’s and my work.

Here are a few shots of the way in which we displayed our work in my studio. What you don’t see is the massive amount of stuff that I moved out of my studio and into the adjacent garage as well as the cleaning that went on in order to make the space look like this.

An overview of a section of my studio, with Jim’s cloud photographs and a few of my paintings on the right wall. We both had cards as well as books on display. Of course everything was available for purchase.


A view of a few of my paintings

A few of my Reflection in the Desert paintings.


Jim's cloud photographs

Jim’s display of a group of his cloud photographs (unframed, in the center) plus two of his framed landscape photographs.


Visitors during the Oracle Open Studio Tour, 2014

Jim is on the right, talking to a visitor interested in the US Route 89 project. People in the background are looking at cards and books. There were times when the studio was full of people, but of course, I was too busy to take photos then.


Oracle Artist Studio Tour, my youngest collector

And here’s a shot of my youngest collector. Her grandparents purchased a small painting for her. Isn’t she gorgeous (and so is her Mom). She’s six months old. How wonderful is that?