The big 32 oz. jar of Light Molding Paste is gone, gone, gone already. This size jar will ordinarily last for a number of smaller pieces. A hidden cost of painting large is suddenly crystal clear to me—massive increase in the use of art supplies. Luckily, I have a gallon of Light Molding Paste on order and hopefully it’ll arrive on the scene soon. Meanwhile I’ll have to live without it as I motor on with my jumbo-for-me painting.

I’m trying to keep on top of photographing the painting regularly, but am finding that daily is too often. I work hard for hours and hours but the changes are probably so small that they’re only apparent to me. And sometimes I step back after a day of painting and wonder what I’ve actually accomplished.

Below are a series of photos taken over the course of the past week or so from about June 15 through June 25:




It’s a bit more difficult to see the progress from the 3rd to the 4th photo, but if you look closely at the whiter areas, you’ll see what I was doing (maybe). It took a lot of moving things back and forth and adjusting directions and colors but the changes aren’t as drastic as I thought when I was actually painting.

It’s always at about this stage that I can convince myself that there’s not all that much left to be done. Experience tells me that that’s grossly optimistic—it’s more likely that I’ll be working away on this painting for weeks if not months and months.