Two inches of rain fell during the 2 days before the opening of my show at Rancho Linda Vista Gallery in Oracle. In fact, we transported the paintings from my studio to the gallery in the driving rain. Luckily, Sunday February 1 dawned sunny and beautiful for the opening of Painting Water.

A  crowd showed up despite it being Super Bowl Sunday. The gallery was full of people coming and going from 1 pm until precisely 4:25 pm. Suddenly, it was empty. Super Bowl started at 4:30. However, by 4:35, intrepid non-Super Bowlers continued to come by to see the show. Therefore, I vote Painting Water, 63, Super Bowl, 0.

Best of all my sons Jeremiah and Mathew surprised me by coming to the opening. No small effort on their part. Jeremiah drove all the way from Northern New Mexico (10 hours), picking up Mathew in Phoenix and driving an additional 2 hours to Oracle. It was one of the best surprises I’ve ever had.

My sister, Nancy, flew in from Northern California to see the show the following week. Not a surprise, but special none-the-less. I’m lucky to have such a supportive family.

Here are a few photos from the opening:

_MG_0215Installation, North wall.

_MG_0233Andy Rush giving me his opinion of the show, view of East wall of the gallery.


_MG_0242Jim Walsh & other visitors.

_MG_0251View of a section of the West wall, with friends Nyla Butler, Judy Walsh and Maureen Murphy.

Thanks to Jim for the great photos and for cooking delicious dinners for weeks while I painted madly in my studio.