Yuma Openting #1

Painting Water opened in Yuma at the Yuma Fine Art Center last Friday evening, March 6th, in the West Gallery of the Art Center. There are 5 galleries altogether in the Center, and on this evening there were 3 galleries having openings. Above is an installation shot of the West wall.

Yuma Openting #3

Installation shot of the East wall, with one of the refreshment tables all set for food to arrive and the piano awaiting the pianist. This was a nice surprise, I didn’t expect live music!

Yuma Openting #4

The South wall.

Yuma Openting #5

I’m standing between Duet: Water & Boulders, 36″ x 48″, acrylic on panel and Water Jazz, 58″ x 80″, acrylic on canvas.

Yuma Openting #2

North wall, with a woman viewing the paintings on the East wall.

Yuma Openting #8

Pianist and a few visitors. The opening has started.

Yuma Openting #7

Talking to people about my paintings.

This is a spectacular place. Painting Water will be up through April 3rd. The Art Center is open from Tuesday-Saturday.