It’s been a busy time for me over the last several months between back-to-back solo shows, a 5-day guided tour led by Jim & I with 45 people on a big coach bus to eastern New Mexico, picking up my solo show from the Yuma Fine Art Center tomorrow (a 4-hour drive each way), an opening at the Yuma Fine Art Center for the Southwestern Invitational next Friday evening (another 4-hour drive each way) and oh, by-the-way, the Oracle Artist Studio Tour on Saturday & Sunday April 11 & 12th. Plus workshops and presentations thrown in for variety.

Do I sound a little hysterical? Well, yes, maybe a little. But most of all I’m happy and grateful for these opportunities—when you’re a self-employed artist, busy is good so long as there’s still time to make art.

My studio is in a state of woeful disrepair. I got part way through unpacking stuff from a presentation I made last Friday in the Phoenix area but the rest is still heaped up on a table.

Messy studio 2

New panels waiting to be prepped for painting and other random stuff piled up on these tables, below.

Messy studio 1 480

Painting area. Also a mess.

Messy studio 3

And here’s an overview of the whole messy operation.

Messy Studio 4

Hopefully at some point this week there will be a miraculous intervention and on Saturday the studio will be mess free, clean and set up with Jim’s photographs & my paintings on display for the hordes of visitors to admire.

Photos of this event to follow.

And here is the invitation. If you click on it, it will open the official Oracle Artist Studio Tour website with more information: