Somehow everything got done. The clutter of my studio was moved into (and filled up) the adjacent garage. Please check out the previous blog post if you’d like see what I was contending with. Once the studio was cleared out, Jim went out & bought me a first class mop complete with a scrub brush. I attacked the dirty floor until it was clean(ish).

Then came the decisions about what to put where. You’d think this would be easier each year, but it isn’t. This time we decided to hang some of our work mixed together on the large wall. Then tables were dragged around and set in a variety of configurations until it looked like everything had a place and the flow in the space was good.

Finally the puzzle pieces came together just in the nick of time. That left me with the baking and guacamole making. I baked  batches of cookies and brownies on Friday night and then got up early on Saturday to make guacamole and more cookies before the tour started at 10 am.

Our first visitors arrived at 9:30 am, 1/2 hour early. It’s lucky that we were ready because there was a steady stream of visitors all day. Sunday was just as busy. The weather was perfect and our guests were delightful.

Here are a few photos of the studio before the tour started:

view 1


view 2


view 3

And the visitors arrived:

view 6

Note my handsome husband, Jim, in blue jean & checked shirt, below.

view 5

And if you’re wondering about the purple duct tape on the floor? No it isn’t a design statement. It’s my attempt to cover the cracks in the concrete and maybe a secret hope that the duct tape will keep the cracks from getting any worse…