It’s finally summer and I’m looking forward to a nice long stretch of time to focus on my artwork.

May was a busy month what with teaching various painting workshops and preparing for a show.

I was also traveling for 2 weeks. Here’s why—Jim has developed a new side-business over the last few years and naturally, I’m involved. We lead tours around the Southwest. These bus tours range from 4 to 9 days, with 45-50 people and no, we don’t do the driving! Two weeks in May were devoted planning for upcoming tours this October & in April 2016. We were in Northern Arizona, Utah & New Mexico checking out hotels, restaurants & interesting things to do with a bus-load of people.

Oh, by the way, I was also painting off and on in May. Below are 3 paintings-in-progress.

Lg water with treeThis one is pretty large—36″ x 48″. Got a long way to go on it.


16x16 dead tree branch16″x16″, in about the same stage of completion—far from finished.


12 x 1212″ x 12″, driving me crazy.

Sometimes small paintings take as long to complete as larger paintings. This one has been quite a struggle. I got mad a couple of days ago and attacked it with my electric sander hoping something promising was lurking beneath a few layers of paint. This is what’s left. Not sure where to go from here…