People tell me they like to see photos of paintings in progress. Showing my laborious & often dubious process can be kind of, well, embarrassing. Getting from point A (the start) to point Z (the finish) isn’t a straight line, as you’ll see below. If you’re curious you can dial back to the last blog post to see a few of these paintings shown at the very beginning.

Reeds 1

Reeds 2Progress? They look almost identical, but I have done some work on this painting. (Size 16″ x 16″)


dock yellow 1

Dock yellow 2Often they get worse before they get better…   (Size 12″ x 12″)


Dock blue 1

Dock blue 2You get a prize if you can see what I’ve accomplished in this one. It’s there, honest.  (Size 12″ x 12″)


Reflection horiz groovesI forgot to take an earlier photo in progress, except for the one you can see if you go to the previous blog post. (Size 16″ x 16″)


Driftwood 1Here’s the real drama. This driftwood has gotten smaller, larger, rougher smoother. Previous blog post shows some of the struggle.

Driftwood 2Got mad and sanded the driftwood down.

Driftwood 3When in doubt sand it out. Driftwood is gone, gone, gone. Please don’t tell me you liked it better with the driftwood! (Size 20″ x 20″)


OakI think I’m getting close to finishing this one. Unless I have some bright idea to get into sanding mode and remove an oak root or something…  (Size 36″ x 48″)