I’ve been busy, busy, busy, preparing for and teaching workshops plus going on several art related trips. Right now, I’m getting ready to lead a tour group to southern Utah with husband Jim (he’s the real leader) and 44 people plus bus driver. This is our 4th year of planning and leading trips as a fundraiser for a local group. This 8-day trip should be a wonderful experience for the group. Keep fingers crossed for us that it doesn’t rain. We leave tomorrow, so I’ve been madly doing laundry, watering plants and cleaning the house. Am taking a few minutes to update my sorely neglected blog.

I’ve been working on these two flower paintings but progress has been slow due to interruptions (see above). Plus I’ve only created 3 or 4 flower paintings in the past, so it’s a learning curve. Which makes it fun and sometimes frustrating too.

2 up, 2nd set photos

The snapshot (above) was taken several weeks ago.

Here are photos of the individual paintings. The one directly below is 36″ x 36″. I’m guessing it’s maybe half way done or less at this point.

Flowers in progress, recent

The one below has gotten more of my attention, but is still far from close to being done. It looks tiny in this photo but is actually 30″ x 60. I made a stencil of some leafy, flower petal type shapes as an experiment and have used it to add texture. If you look closely, you might be able to see it, mostly around the edges of each painting.

Most recent, long

Okay, I just looked and I’m going to break down and take 2 new snapshots because in looking at these on the easel I’ve  made more progress recently than I thought.

In order to try to make some sense of the chaos of multiple leaves and flowers, I took my trusty Fine Line marker and High Flow Titanium White acrylic to outline some of the shapes. And guess what—I like the effect of the white lines. See below:

10-4, square, 480


10-4, 480 long

What do you think?