I’m kinda stuck, but motoring on with my two experimental flower paintings. Being stuck is nothing new. It happens every time I get beyond the fresh start of a new painting and continues until I’m suddenly almost finished and everything magically falls into place. The middle part always brings on doubts, confusion and sometimes (often) despair. It doesn’t matter that this is the process I go through every single time—I never believe I’ll be able to find solutions each and every time.

Here are the flower paintings as of today:

Closer, long ptg


Closer, square flowers

The top painting is larger than it looks reproduced—20″ x 60″. The square painting is 36″ x 36″

Also in progress—2-12″ x 12″ water paintings.

Water, rocks


Sq water


Jim recently photographed a completed painting, thanks Jim—

Acrylic painting on panel 16x16

Green Gold Float     Acrylic painting on panel     16×16      $560