I’ve had a problematic relationship with technology over the years, but I admit that wonderful things can come of learning to master little bits of what technology has to offer. Certainly for an artist, websites offer a great way for people from anywhere and everywhere to see the work and learn about the artist. I’m happy to be able to upload photographs of my artwork, blog about what I’m up to and reach out to people. By inviting people into my world, I’m able to show the reality of what it’s like to be a working artist, at least for me.

On the other hand, no sooner do I think I have a handle on some new computer maneuver and there’s an upgrade. Everything changes and I’m back to square one, learning all over again. If you refuse to do the upgrade, little by little everything mysteriously stops working. And if you’re me, you just assume that you’re going crazy. Then you do the upgrade and battle with learning all the new stuff all over again.

What this blog post is really about is one of the wonderful things possible with technology (and having a tech savvy husband generous enough to keep helping me over & over again). That wonderful thing is print-on-demand.

2016 Painting Water CalendarOnce upon a time, in the dark ages, if I wanted to create a calendar with images of my paintings I’d have to design it, lay it out and get it ready for the printer. Then I’d have to fund the production of a large number of calendars–the more calendars, the cheaper the printing. Then I’d have all these calendars that I’d figure out how to sell. This process would take weeks (maybe even months) and a lot of money and risk.

But with print-on-demand, I can decide which paintings to include, pick a template, have Jim do all the hard work of getting the dates, holidays etc. correct and figure out all the sizing and formatting. Once everything is assembled in the correct size and format, all the information is sent on-line to the on-demand company.  Then I put a link on my blog post. And if you would like to look at the calendar and perhaps purchase one, the link is right below. The company (Blurb) will print the calendar(s), and send it/them out within days.

Below is a gallery of the paintings in the calendar. Click on the first image to enlarge.

The calendars are $12 each plus shipping. Click below to go the the printer’s website and order your calendars.

2016 Painting Water Calendar

2016 Painting Water Calendar

2016 Painting Water calendar-Acrylic paintings by Barbara Kemp Cowlin of water with reflections, ripples, sparkling light with many colors.

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