My studio is a mess. Or maybe it’s a beehive of activity. There’s a method to my madness but I’m not always clear what it is. I’m currently preparing for 3 workshops and working on 10 paintings.

Do you ever have that thing where when you’re short of money you are compelled to go out and buy a lot of stuff? Totally irrational. When I’m short on time to paint I have a similar impulse. I keep starting new paintings. I guess you could gauge how short-changed I feel in the time-for-painting department by how many paintings I’m working on.

One of the workshops I’m preparing for is a color workshop next week. The photo shows the neat part. There are 4 other tables covered in stuff to sort through and figure out how to organize.


There’s a table with 2 paintings that I’ve barely started. I applied a Light Molding Paste texture and then several washes to each one. See below. You’ll have to check back to see what these turn out to be…




Below are 2 more paintings at roughly the same stage. The second one down has a few additional layers of washes.




Then there are 3 small paintings on paper. Below are two. The image at the top of the page is the 3rd painting. I’ve been working on these for way too long. They have so many layers, the paper has gotten heavy. I’m hoping to get these done sooner rather than later.




Here’s the array of 7 paintings on various surfaces.






Below are paintings which have graduated to the easel.


A flower painting just to keep me on my toes.


It’s possible that this one is close to being done. At any rate, I’m stuck on it for the moment.


An overview of the work on my easel, below.


Plus, I just finished a redo. Below is the former Shoreline. I thought it was done. Jim photographed it. I added it to my records, my online website gallery and various online galleries. It was hanging on the wall in my studio. I just didn’t like it. It was driving me crazy. So one day a month or so ago, I took it off the wall, marched it outside and proceeded to sand it down.

Acrylic painting on panel 12x12

After way too long, I think it’s finally done. Voila! The new Shoreline.


Please don’t say you like the old one better!