I have a group of paintings that are ready to travel to Page—see 4 brand new never-before-been-posted paintings, below. I’m the Artist of the Month at the Powell Museum, with show opening on June 3 from 5-7pm.

Acrylic painting on panel 16x16

Cliff Edge                           Acrylic painting on panel 16×16


Acrylic painting on panel 16x20

Dawn                         Acrylic painting on panel 16×20


Acrylic painting on panel 16x16

Lake Powell Shoreline            Acrylic painting on panel 16×16


Acrylic painting on panel 16x20

Twilight                               Acrylic painting on panel 16×20

We’ll be dropping the paintings off at the end of this week, making the long drive to Page from Oracle on Friday.

From there we’re driving to Ohio for husband Jim and younger son Mathew’s alumni reunion event at Kenyon College. Mat’s flying. Jim and I will be driving the Lincoln Highway with the Pod (our teardrop trailer) in tow. A stop in Chicago to look at some art will be one of the highlights of the trip. Plus seeing lots of scenery and camping in interesting (?) places—hopefully not in any Walmart parking lots.

Then on to Kenyon—a gorgeous campus. When I was there 5 years ago alumni & their guests were treated to a series of fascinating lectures and other events so I’m looking forward to this. It’ll be fun to visit with Jim & Mat’s friends for a few days. Plus the dining hall looks just like Hogwarts. Kenyon is the quintessential college campus in my opinion.

The trip back will be on a speedier route however we’ll be taking the time to stop at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. I’ll be happy to finally see this place, built on Walton empire money. Stay posted to see if I think they spent their money wisely…

The plan is to wind up back in Page at the Powell Museum for the opening of my show on June 3rd. Thanks Jim, for doing all the planning for the trip!

All in all, we’ll be traveling through 5 states I’ve never been to before! By the time we reach Oracle on June 4, I’ll be dying to get back into my studio. I have 4 paintings in progress which will be awaiting my return. And I’ve designed in time in my schedule for a summer full of painting.