Last week a friend stopped by my studio. She noticed that one of my painting racks was empty and asked me about it. Hmm…this caused me to think about the whereabouts of my paintings. Yes, I do keep track. In fact I have a system in which I track the history and location of every painting. Plus where it’s been shown, size, media, date and when a painting is sold I note information about the collector.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s stored in my brain. And in this case it got me to thinking and adding up the places where my paintings are at the moment. I admit I was surprised. I currently have 26 paintings being shown out in the world, here and there, all available for purchase by the way.

14 are at the Powell Museum, in Page, where I’m Artist of the Month. That show has been extended, so I’m really the artist for 2 months, June and July.

8 are on display at Feast, an upscale restaurant in Tucson.

3 are being shown at the Blue Dome Gallery, in Silver City, New Mexico.

1 is at the Phoenix Airport Museum at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix in Terminal 4.

1 is at Skyline Art Services in Houston, TX.

1 is being shown at Artifex Gallery in Troy, North Carolina.

Below are snapshots of the 3 at the Blue Dome Gallery in Silver City. My friends Anne and Christopher Lucic were visiting Silver City and stopped by the gallery. Christopher took a couple photos of the paintings and sent them to me. Thanks Christopher!


Above, Water Jazz, 58″ x 80″, acrylic on canvas.


Into the Shallows, 35″ x 44″, acrylic on canvas on the left and Lake-Boat-Wake, 36″ x 48″, acrylic on panel on the right.

I just re-added, and that’s actually 28 paintings being shown around the country. Not so bad!

In the meantime I still have quite a few paintings in another storage area in my studio. And I’m working on 5 new paintings, too.