I’m excited to be teaching a workshop in Santa Fe at the Artisan Materials Expo—the largest artist materials fair in the United States, on October 1.

Go with the Flow: Experience the Creative Magic of Dura-Lar Films Combined with Acrylic Paints will be a fun class where students will learn how to create beautiful acrylic washes on Dura-Lar, exploring the many possibilities of using transparent and matte films. They’ll experiment with painting, cutting, weaving, stenciling, sanding, texturing and more. Then comes the fun of manipulating the pieces and assembling the layers to create the painting. Both the fronts and backs of the sheets can be painted on for interesting effects. The workshop is scheduled for Saturday, October 1, 5-8pm.

In addition to teaching the workshop, I’ll be doing a demonstration showing how to use Dura-Lar  on the same day at 2pm.

Artists come to Santa Fe from all over the country to take classes, watch demonstrations and visit the 75+ booths of “heavily discounted art materials”. There will be booths with art suppliers ranging from Golden Acrylics to Princeton Brushes and every other art supply you can imagine.

What’s not to love about this event? Watching, learning, doing, making art, buying art supplies all in beautiful Santa Fe! Hope you’ll join me there…

The Grafix Company (Dura-Lar and other art products) has commissioned me to make to create a group of paintings to be on display at their booth. You can see a detail of the front of the first  one above.

Kalidascope-Side 1Full image of Kaleidoscope, 24″x19″, acrylic on Dura-Lar

Kalidascope-Side 2Back side of Kaleidoscope, above.

Splash-Side 1Splash!, front side, 24″x19″, acrylic on Dura-Lar

Splash-Side 2Splash!, back side, 24″x19″, acrylic on Dura-Lar,