What a great group of people to work with at the Casa Grande Art Museum—they really created a nice opening for me with catered food, drinks, music and the publicity to draw a crowd of people to the event—what could be better?

Many thanks to the friends who made the drive to Casa Grande. The only place close to Casa Grande is Casa Grande. Depending on where you live in the Phoenix metro area it’s at least an hour drive. It’s an hour and fifteen minutes from Oracle and closer to two hours from Tucson.

I made some new friends and had a delightful time talking to people who were appreciative of my paintings (w. Nothing like a few ego strokes, something every artist needs once in awhile in order to feel like the artwork exists somewhere beyond the studio and the artist’s own mind.

Below are some installation photographs and a few crowd scenes. Thank you James Cowlin for taking the photos.

Before the opening, Casa Grande Art Museum

Before the opening.


Installation shot, Casa Grande Art Museum

Another shot of the installation.


Collectors from Tucson—thank you Cassandra & Bill for making the drive!


Crowd at Casa Grande Art Museum opening.

Nice crowd!


Installation shot at Casa Grande Art Museum.

Another installation shot.


Painting Water will be on view at the Casa Grande Art Museum until February 28th. Open hours are Thursday-Saturday from 1-4pm. 319 W. 3rd St., Casa Grande, AZ!