Showing my work with Autumn Rose’s abstract flower paintings in the beautiful Chandler Center for the Arts Gallery was a wonderful experience. The show was up from January 17-March 1, 2019. Many thanks to my husband James Cowlin for taking photographs that captured the opening reception.

Peter wrote the show statement and I really like the way in which he described the work. You can catch some of it in the photo and here’s the whole paragraph:

“Pastel color palettes, uncommon vantage points, and attention to detail are the common threads between the paintings of Autumn Rose and Barbara Kemp Cowlin. Autumn Rose’s varied line weights and flat perspectives transform her paintngs of desert botanical still lives into airy abstractions, creating a peaceful plenitude in her otherworldly canvasses. Barbara Kemp Cowlin finds underappreciated details in the corners of domestic and public architecture, creating spartan, angular compositions that feel simultaneously new and familiar Together, both artists’ distinctive points of view remind viewers that whether we are looking at abundance or scarcity, there is more to be seen if we only look harder.” —Peter Bugg

Autumn Rose and I in front of the title and description of our show


Artist friends from Phoenix. I was so happy that this group was able to come to the opening


Peter Bugg, City of Chandler Visual Arts Coordinator introducing Autumn and I


A couple looking at the wall of 10″x10″ Askew series paintings