The Very Good News is going to remain a mystery to readers until it’s officially announced by an undisclosed organization. This good news brought on a total redo of my studio in order to clear my head and proceed…One of the first things I did was to dispose of the accumulation of file folders, notebooks and boxes of demonstration boards in preparation for taking a long (possibly permanent) break from teaching. Mind you, I love teaching art workshops and classes. But in the end, it takes a lot of mental and physical energy, not to mention time. This is time and energy I’ll now add to my time for painting.

Just a few of the many bags of former lesson plans & teaching materials ready to be recycled.

It was a trip through time and my past and current teaching. It was also a symbol of my determination to push my art career forward in every way possible.

I took a good look at my studio and made some decisions. One was to give away my 5 drawer flat file. It was useful for years but took up a large corner of my studio. Another was my painting storage system, housed on a former store display kiosk. My Dad’s big desk went into our bedroom where it fits nicely. An old metal desk is in a holding pattern in Jim’s brewery…awaiting a new home.

A trip to IKEA and then back to the studio to spend a day assembling.

One of two carts of IKEA products ready to load into the car.


Studio chaos during the redo


I was able to assemble these carts all by myself.


This is my paint mixing area, complete with new carts holding supplies.


Newly located break/reading area—now at the office end of my studio.


New desk area complete with space for computer and printers, plus lots of room for writing.


Way more space for painting!

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