I started my “Askew” series several years ago as an experiment, using 10″x10″ panels. Gradually I increased the size, each time wondering if my concept would hold up. It did and I continued to increase the size. Below I’m prepping 4-36″x36″ panels which will become one 72″x72″ painting. I started this painting last April.

Prepping the panels with Polymer Medium Gloss and when dry 3 coats of Gesso

Careful preparation is critical for the archival quality of the painting. It’s worth the effort to get it right and not have to worry about future problems.

Adding Light Molding Paste over the Gesso

I like the texture of Light Molding Paste and it has a nice absorbency. I like it so well, I buy it by the gallon. It’s a good thing, too, because one thing I discovered (I know, it should be obvious) is that large sizes suck up a lot of supplies.

A wash over the prepped panels

This is a fun process, dumping watered down paint over the pristine surface in rough shapes and colors. Lots of unexpected things happen here, many of which end up being covered by more paint.

Adding patterns and additional (imagined) shapes

There’s a lapse in time between this painting and the one above, probably many weeks of work.

More patterns, from stencils that I cut

Cutting stencils can be laborious, but I like to create my own rather than purchasing them. I use Dura-lar Stencil film for this. Notice that the 4 panels are pushed together for me to make sure everything is more or less lining up.

More patterns and additional shape additions and color changes

Getting closer…

After many more steps it’s ready to be photographed

At this point it’s best for me to step away, otherwise I’ll start fiddling with it and a) end up spending days trying to undo my “improvements” b) causing my ever patient husband & photographer to have to haul out his equipment to rephotograph the painting. The painting was finished 2 days before it needed to be delivered for installation for my show. Delivery date: August 12. By my calculations this means it took me roughly 3 1/2 month from start to finish.

Installation at the Eric Fischl Gallery, Phoenix College.

It’s a beautiful space and a huge wall. Claudia Lopez is hard at work on the installation.