During the Covid19 period of isolating at home/studio I’ve been reflecting on how I got to where I am now. That got me to mentally reviewing my job history. You know how they say that the time of having one career/job for life is over for people coming of age in 2020? Well I guess I was ahead of my time in this regard.

Here are a list of my jobs, starting in high school. Boring? Probably for anyone but me, but here goes:

Stock girl for dress shop, promoted to sales person; cook, hamburger joint; radiation therapy intern; caretaker on an estate, babysitter for 6 children in exchange for cabin; Pizza Hut waitress; printmaking lab technician; long term substitute art teacher and then library reference technician, in Australia; caretaker ski lodge condos;  Pizza Hut (again); printmaking lab tech (again); adjunct art instructor; silkscreen company production manager; census bureau—maps & payroll; Planned Parenthood Community Educator; Coconino Center for the Arts assistant director; Scottsdale Center for the Arts assistant to curator; Image Enterprises graphic designer; home based childcare w/ 3 infants; public school elementary art teacher; public school high school art teacher; private school high school art teacher, adjunct Community College art professor; art workshop business; tour director; full-time artist!!!! 

There’s probably something I’ve forgotten. Son Mathew says I should add Mother to the equation too…but that was more an act of love than a job.