When I started the “Askew” series, which was then nameless, it was an exploration on ten-10″x10″ panels. The idea was to play around with color, perspective and well, really everything, to move myself along into something new and different. I was not going to worry if the paintings were dismal failures. It was going to be fun, fun, fun.

Before I knew it, I was so excited by what was happening that I purchased larger and larger panels and kept on going. Since then the “Askew” series has grown in a way I never expected (both in size and volume). As you can see from the photo, now there are 94 ranging in size from 10″x10″ to the currently in progress 8’x8′. I’m also working on six additional brand new paintings, so soon I’ll reach 100. Well actually since my latest is Askew #94, add 7 and you get 101.

Ordinarily I title my paintings. Titles generally come easily to me, popping into my head as I’m painting. I rush to write the various title ideas down and then when I finish the painting I choose the one the fits best what I was trying to achieve. But since I started out just “playing around” it seemed more efficient to just use numbers. It freed me up to make a mess, goof them up and move on without judgement. They were, after all, just experiments.

Now I have numbers, numbers and more numbers. It makes me wonder about artists who us “untitled” for all their work—does it drive them crazy? It’s certainly driving me crazy. When I need to look up a painting, I have to scroll through all of them in my data base in order to find the one I need because I just can’t keep the numbers correlated with the paintings in my brain.

It took having fabulous photographer husband James Cowlin to offer to print them all up as thumbnails so I could scan them quickly.

This at-a-glance will make it much easier for me to find the painting I’m looking for and then look up the complete information on the painting in my Tap Form Organizer in which I have listed every painting I’ve ever created with complete information on each: title, date, dimensions, price, collector information, photo of the painting and exhibition record and more.

So yes, I’m actually very organized. It’s just the numbers. But from now on, it’s going to be titles all the way. As the “Askew” series progresses beyond 100, they’ll now be “Askew #101: The Biggest Blue” and so on.

Lesson learned!