Above is “Askew #108″, 72″x72”, Acrylic on panel. Currently being shown at FOUND:RE Contemporary Gallery, Phoenix, through November 25.

So many projects, so little time

Well, here I am. In the studio where I’ve more or less been for the past year & 1/2. I feel very lucky to have this beautiful space in which I spent my time productively.

What you are seeing is: foreground, my projects table, with 5 panels I’m prepping, Golden gesso in jar, at the ready for application of a 2nd coat of gesso. On the left, a stalled out (non-art) project of redoing my poor ancient scrapbook that has fallen apart. Behind this is Cousin It Jr., my ever growing tape ball “sculpture”, an attempt at recycling the tape I use when painting hard edges. At the back left side are a bunch of empty plastic bottles. If you look closely through the window, you can catch a glimpse of one of my recycled plastic bottle installations. When the bottles start to overflow my space (which they are now, in boxes on the very far left), I need to tackle painting them and figuring out somewhere to install them outside, to make space on my table! Beyond this on the left are paintings in progress on my wall easel, with completed paintings hanging on the walls. Then there’s the table behind the bottles—these are containers full of mixtures of paint colors with various mediums, awaiting use. And behind that, a 48×48 panel, languishing while I figure out what to paint on it!

I’ve also been busy writing submissions to this and that exhibition, artist residencies, grants. Plus 3x weekly Instagram and Facebook posts. I do this office work in the mornings. Afternoons: painting!!

Exciting? Well it is for me, at least the painting part. The office/business of art part—not so much! And yet I motor on…