From September 16th to October 5th, I was just outside of Sagautuck, Michigan, participating in the Ox-Bow Longform residency along with 17 other artists. Ox-Bow, associated with The Art Institute of Chicago has been in existence for over 100 years! The setting is beautiful, right along a lagoon. Just beyond the lagoon are sand dunes and beyond that, Lake Michigan. Below, I’ll take you on a tour!

The lagoon with ever changing reflections

First day, part of the group of 18 residents gathering by the fire pit

The New Inn where I stayed, to the left, and Old Inn (and dining hall) to the right

The Painting Studio, where I spent much of my time

Unpacking supplies

Getting started, on the right side, I’m starting a new painting, on paper, in 9 separate pieces

Chickens in action, waiting for dinner

Dinnertime (no we didn’t eat the chickens, at least I hope not

Printmaking studio, looking toward the etching presses

Lithography press, with Bavarian limestone on racks, waiting to be drawn on and printed

Ceramics studio, outdoor portion of a huge indoor workspace, with kilns

Metals studio, with Devin, studio manager in the foreground and Jenny (artist in residence) in the background putting hearing protectors on

Pizza party at Oval Beach on Lake Michigan. 3 of the residents (Kaycee, Akila and Vivie) posing in jean jackets, while I lurk in my hoodie and sunglasses in the background

Back to my studio, with shapes cut out, painted and drying on my tables, with sculpture experiment at the back

This painting on 9 sheets of 12”x12” paper started off on the table and has now advanced for additional work, vertically on the wall

Beginning to wire together and hang some of the shapes I’ve made and painted, from a wire

Voila, installation in the foreground and completed painting in the background

Sculptural experiment in the foreground with painting on the wall

It’s over. All the work you’ve seen was broken down and stacked up into a 12”x12”x6” package—part of my experiment. Yes, it’s possible to do a whole installation with smaller parts wired and/or slotted together. Easy for shipping, ready for installation anywhere! Tables are nicely covered in new Kraft paper, floor swept, wall denuded. You’d never know I was here

Farewell to a bunch of new friends, all off to their own adventures in the art world