I’ve taken a long (inadvertent) break from my blog posting. Just been really busy and it dropped off my radar. I’m starting in again and plan to make this a much more regular part of my art practice.

I’m excited to report that I received the Arizona Commission on the Arts Research and Development Grant a few months ago and am revving up to get started on my project. I’m going to use this blog to report on what I’m up to. My overall goal is to learn how to translate my “Askew” series paintings into 3-dimensional objects. I’ve done some work on this (check out earlier posts), but now I’m getting serious about figuring this new medium out.

The only experience I’ve had in this arena was a 3-dimensional design class I took when working on my BFA many years ago. So now I need to:

1. Train my eye about sculpture. Sounds strange, but I’ve never paid that much attention when visiting museums and galleries (embarrassing). Now I find myself fascinated. It such a different way of approaching creating. So visiting lots of shows where I can experience various approaches and begin learning.

2. Visit with sculptors to learn about what and how they do what they do.

3. Visit fabrication plants so see what’s possible when it comes to making really large work—too large to do myself.

3. Experiment with materials, especially how to take sheets of plywood, plexi, or whatever, cut them into shapes and join them together after painting them. Most especially, I want to see if it’s possible to create slots and holes for wiring so the work can be packed flat, assembled on site and then repacked.

4. Experiment with equipment—laser cutting? Saws? Airbrush?

This is a list that will continue to grow as I make progress.