Photo of painting. I cut the portion of the photo to match the cardboard shape I’d cut, then adhered the photo to cardboard, in my hand. Can you see where it comes from in the photo? By the way, this is my first foray away from foam core and into cardboard for use as a possible material.


Note unpainted base and edges! A slightly overlooked detail in the learning curve I’m experiencing with these experiments. Now I have to disassemble the whole thing in order to paint these overlooked essentials.


Another view


It occurred to me that one way to reassemble the bits and pieces of the disassembled sculpture is to use photos I’d taken of different angles on my computer to rebuild it. Here I am doing just that.




The sculpture from another angle


Variable Speed Scroll Saw, getting ready to take the plunge and learn how to use it


Voila! My first attempt.


Another view, notice slots joining the pieces together!


This time I remembered to paint the base (and the edges) before assembling


Attached to the base, but oh, no! I forgot to paint the edges on the base (again!)


Notice the openings cut inside the shapes


I’m so excited about my progress with the skill saw!


Well, eventually I learn. I integrated planning and painting the base into the whole process


Yes, I do see that the edges aren’t painted. I will do this before assembling the sculpture, but first I need to finish the opposite side of the shapes and add more patterns to the front.