The Askew Series—Paintings by Barbara Kemp Cowlin


Askew #101-Destination Undetermined

Barbara Kemp Cowlin began the Askew series of paintings in 2017 as an exercise in color and design. Prior series were realistic depictions of architectural spaces and water. With Askew, she turned to abstraction. The paintings begin with snapshots of architectural details but soon become fanciful abstractions from Barbara’s creative imagination.

The sequence of the paintings is in chronological order from Askew #1 to Askew #136. Barbara began the series on 10-inch by 10-inch panels and gradually ventured into larger panels as her confidence grew. In 2021, she completed the largest Askew painting, 8 feet by 8 feet. The paintings are depicted relative to their actual size. About a year into the series, she began to add titles along with numbers. The titles are thoughts that came to her as she worked on the painting.

Askew Paintings Catalog Pages 74-75

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