I have been focused on my Askew series of paintings for the past three years. Painting Water, Bloom and Nooks & Crannies are the other series shown here. Once in awhile I am compelled to revisit my older work and create something new. Each theme presents its’ own challenge and there is nothing I like better than a challenge. All of the paintings are tied together by my focus on creating complex surfaces through strategic use of acrylic paints and mediums, texturing and layering, creating rich detail in every square inch. My goal is for viewers to see something new and exciting each time they look at the painting: at a different time of day; from different angles; close up or from a distance. My paintings are not made to be glanced at and understood quickly but to be savored over time.


Skewed perspective, quirky colors and patterns with a sense of fun and a tinge of foreboding navigate the anxieties of life with humor and fantasy

Askew #94


Paintings inspired by the water and its’ surroundings. I find water magical in its’ infinite moods and creating these paintings gives me great joy



Flowers amaze me with both their fragility and tenacity. I see in them a connection to the struggles and beauty in life and paint to capture this


Overlooked spaces in public places with a special meaning to me where solid surfaces become luminous with reflected colors and magic happens