Barbara Kemp Cowlin works in four series, Askew, Painting Water, Bloom and Nooks & Crannies, sometimes simultaneously and sometimes focusing on one series at a time. Each theme presents its’ own challenge and there is nothing Barbara likes better than a challenge. All of the paintings are tied together by her focus on creating complex surfaces through strategic use of acrylic paints and mediums, texturing and layering, creating rich detail in every square inch. Her goal is for viewers to see something new and exciting each time they look at the painting: at a different time of day; from different angles; close up or from a distance. Her paintings are not made to be glanced at and understood quickly but to be savored over time.


A quirky interpretation of architectural details from a skewed perspective


Paintings inspired by the interactions of natural and man made objects and water


Paintings of flowers and other growing botanicals, both fanciful and realistic


Overlooked spaces in public places focusing on angles, luminous color and texture